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\ˈsēm-ləs \

1.  smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.

Let’s unfold your company’s future….together!


about us

We are a boutique organizational
consulting group. 

This means that we listen closely to the organizational and personal challenges you face, and help design and execute highly customized plans to get you where you must go in a way that is distinctly your own. We work on the individual, team, organizational and inter-organizational levels.


We are experienced corporate leaders, psychologists, business teachers, strategy thought leaders, innovators, team builders and conflict resolution negotiators.


We consult with leaders on organizational problems, help select and coach executives and managers, build high performing teams, and integrate different types of people into an enterprise with a common purpose and effective means to get things done.

...a good fit?

You are looking for a consulting relationship that has few headaches, little to no babysitting, and is agile and responsive.  If you are vetting us, here are our qualifications:
  • Few headaches, little to no babysitting, agile, responsive

  • Advanced degrees, certifications, publications, specialties

  • Corporate and operational experience in Fortune 100, Fortune 50, Fortune 5, medium sized and small businesses

  • Years of consulting and coaching experience across a variety of industries and business styles

  • Knowledge and facility in modern management practices for information technology, manufacturing, operations, innovation and creativity management.  We can have meaningful conversations with your subject matter experts.

  • Familiarity and comfort with all levels:  from C-Suites to lower management

  • Practical and professional expertise in both psychology and the management sciences.

  • The independence, maturity, experience and relational depth to work well with each other and with the many faces in our client companies. 


the work

In companies, government agencies, and non-profits, we have helped accomplish things like:
  • Coach a new C-Suite officer to overcome his CEO's concerns and become a pillar of the team


  • Explain and implement socio-technical manufacturing approaches to create an innovative assembly process


  • Keep a highly technical management workforce retained, coping and achieving through an unrelenting fire hose of work

  • Aid a management team to accommodate in order to deal with a brilliant but grating boss


  • Move an organization from traditional service to a shared services model of resource management


  • Help an owner- executive who got there by hard knocks learn to manage by technique while still listening to his heart


  • Build back esprit de corps and effectiveness after an era of horrible leadership


  • Take companies through the growth curve successfully

  • Lead individual, high potential managers to chart career paths that help themselves, their companies, and their families  


  • Select key executives for a company in transition, and coach them towards success

the team

Equipped with expert skills and diverse perspectives, our team of independent consultants can help your company achieve high-impact performance, influence and results:



“They listen and connect to your agenda -not the high and mighty consultant attitude.”


“They ask great questions and make you think.”


“I can't stand consultants or psychologists, but I love these guys.”


“Not the canned approach.”


“Approachable, humble, personal, smart, integrity”


“They know business, manufacturing, service, leading edge, and they are good psychologists”


“Sure helped that they had experience in almost every business challenge we were facing.”


“It’s a professional relationship, but it is also a personal relationship focused on success.”

What they say...


Leadership Services

  • Executive Coaching

  • Alignment 

  • Team Development

  • New Team Leader Assimilation

Change Management

  • Organizational Transformation 

  • Agility

  • Succession


  • Enterprise Unfoldment

  • Marketing

  • Manufacturing Technology

Organizational Transformation

  • Assessment and Design 

  • Accountability Strategies 

  • Corporate Psychology

Individual Assessment

  • ​Professional Psychologists

  • ​Turn-key system for HR

Creativity & Innovation

  • Teams

  • Individuals

  • Cultures


contact us 

If you are interested in learning more about how Seamless Strategy can make a difference in your enterprise, please contact us:

    NASHVILLE        PASADENA        


131 Sanders Ferry Road, Suite 203
Hendersonville TN 37075
615.500.3949  P
615.822.8306  F

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